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    Born in USSR, to the family of nuclear engineers, Maria Petrenko, Founder, Hadrout Design for Business, received B.A. degree in Computer Science from Taganrog State University in Russia. Upon her last year of studies, she was awarded an Engineering Scholarship to attend one semester at Michigan State University. While at MSU, she became fascinated by the Western World, its diversity of commerce, and the concept of the free enterprise, unfamiliar to Russians. She returned to America to pursue a Master’s Degree in marketing and advertising at MSU. After graduating, she moved to New York City to work at Manhattan-based agency Cox Advertising. During this time she realized her interests lay in more trivial subjects: the ‘True Americana’, the idea of the American dream – its essence and process. She wanted to understand and extract the magic formula used to ensure growth and success of a small home-grown enterprise. She returned back to Michigan and after gaining more experience in several marketing agencies, the idea of Hadrout was born – a conceptually different marketing company that offers professional, top-of the-line, all-inclusive solutions to small and medium businesses at an honest and fair rate.

    Three years ago, she began looking for a perfect home for Hadrout US operations. After having considered several communities, Ferndale came as a definite winner. As the Ferndale business community continues to grow, she feels strong interest in getting involved with the Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce in a bigger, more tangible, capacity beyond a member. She would like to offer her experience working with small and medium enterprises, her understanding their day-to-day worries and needs, as well as her vast experience in computer science, marketing, design, and web programming to Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce. As a resident of Ferndale and business owner, she feels a deep sense of commitment and obligation to serve and to promote prosperity and wealth in this wonderful city and its business climate.


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