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  • If you are interested in taking on a more involved role in the Chamber, the Board of Directors is a wonderful opportunity for serving the community. A leadership position through joining the Board of Directors gives you great responsibility and a very rewarding experience. To learn more about opportunities with the Board of Directors, please explore the information provided below and feel free to contact us when you are ready to apply!

    Board Member application opens from August-September annually.

    Chamber Board of Directors

    Membership involvement and leadership drive the Chamber to growth and success. The Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce is a for-members, by-members organization. Taking on a leadership role in the Chamber allows you to form relationships that may strengthen your business’s influence on the Ferndale area community. Your engagement amongst other like-minded business people gives you the opportunity to better educate yourself and work with others in the Ferndale area.

    Why Board Members Serve

    To Better Your Community

    The Chamber's mission is to support the interests of businesses and the community through dynamic, member-driven partnerships and activities.

    To Grow Your Organization

    The Chamber's main goal is to grow our community and the businesses in it. Being an integral part of the Chamber Board will keep you informed to what is happening in the business world, not only in our community, but our region as a whole.

    To Lead

    Board Members are seen as leaders and decision-makers that are working to improve the community.

    To Network

    Meeting others within the business community is one of the primary reasons business professional leaders serve on Chamber boards.

    To become a Board Member at the Chamber, please contact us via phone or email.


    Joining a Chamber committee will enable you to make an impact on the Chamber and the Ferndale area community as a whole. The Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce offers several committees tailored to different interests and skill-sets. Committees allow Chamber members a more proactive experience and are the best way to use the talent and knowledge of members to better the Chamber as a whole. If you are interested in joining a committee, please read the committee descriptions below and contact director@ferndalechamber.com for application materials.

    To join a committee, review the Committee Expectations and Guidelines and complete the Committee Application.


    Executive Committee

    Comprised of members of the Chamber’s Board of Directors, the Executive Committee is comprised of the Executive Director, Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer, and Secretary.


    Finance Committee

    The Finance Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Board regarding financial affairs, including setting the annual budget, and policies. It offers practical advice for future decisions in funding and managing expenses. The Finance Committee consists of the Executive Director, Treasurer, one other Board member (non-executive board member), and two other Chamber members. The Treasurer of the Board of the Directors will serve as the Chair for this committee.


    Events & Projects Committee

    The Events & Projects Committee is responsible for providing visions and goals for yearly events and projects including, but not limited to the Rainbow Run, Artist in You, and Gala. The Committee will be involved in planning the events and projects, recruiting sponsors, and contributing creative ideas and solutions. The committee will have a Chair person who will be responsible for coordinating communication between the subcommittees and reporting to the Board of Directors about this committee as a whole each month.

    Subcommittees include:

    Rainbow Run - Annual 5k organized by the Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce to promote acceptance and diversity.

    2016 Goal: To coordinate day of event logistics as well as volunteer recruitment and coordination

    Artist in You - Competition hosted by FAC and Ferndale Schools to recognize several young artists throughout the city.

    2015-2016 Goal: To recruit sponsorships for the program. At a minimum refer warm lead introductions to staff for follow up and close on sponsorship lead opportunities

    Gala - Annual gala held every fall to honor businesses in the area.

    2016 Goal: To follow up on silent auction item requests as well as collection of these items


    Business & Membership Development Committee

    The Business & Membership Development Committee grows membership by developing programs that will attract new members and retain existing members. This committee also recognizes the value of Chamber membership, and works to continuously evaluate how well the Chamber impacts the core needs of every member to best satisfy member company’s investment with the Chamber.


    Public Policy Task Force

    The Public Policy Task Force is the Chamber’s main resource for educating other members on emerging issues and topics of discussion in the Ferndale area. They play an important role in advising the Board on public policy issues to make decisions that will foster the development of the business community. Members of this committee act as representatives of the Chamber in front of any governmental or legislative bodies if the situation ever arises.


    Women’s Leadership Council

    Created and led by women, the Women’s Leadership Council is an integral part in the Chamber community. This committee offers women a chance to build professional relationships with other women in diverse industries and positions in their careers. This group works to enhance women’s leadership abilities and give them relationships and skills to take with them throughout their careers.


    Governance Committee

    The Governance Committee annually reviews bylaws and board policies. It recommends any edits or changes per ongoing efforts of the Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce. The Governance Committee consists of the Vice Chair of the Board, one additional executive board member, and one non-executive board member. The committee meets in July and submits the proposal to executive board for approval by August meeting.


    Nominating Committee

    The Nominating Committee selects individuals for the Board of Directors and nominates the officers of the Chamber. It is comprised of five members of the Chamber and may or may not include current Board members. They meet in August and present the candidates before October.


    Membership Development Committee

    While the need of every member is different, this committee identifies and impacts the core needs of every member to best satisfy member company’s investment with the Chamber. Committee members realize and recognize the value of Chamber membership and their committed participation ensures its growth and development.


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